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About Us 


The Air Cadets provides many opportunities for cadets to take to the skies in a variety of aircraft. Main flying opportunities are provided by the AEF (Air Experience Flight) & VGS (Volunteer Gliding School) squadrons situated throughout the UK and take place in Grob Tutor aircraft or Vigilant motor gliders. As well as this, many cadets now receive the opportunity to fly on active RAF aircraft whilst on Easter, Summer or Autumn camps situated at RAF Stations.



152 Squadron is actively involved in a wide range of shooting events both at a Squadron and a Wing level. Before firing, cadets are given thorough training and must competently pass a Weapons Handling Test. They then can then participate in live firing events, and a strong Wing shooting programme combined with an in-house tube range, gives cadets plenty of opportunity to test and improve their skills.


First Aid

First aid is an extremely important life skill that all young people should have the chance to learn. 152 Squadron is committed to providing all its members basic Heartstart skills early on in their cadet service. The opportunities are then provided for cadets to increase their knowledge with Youth First Aid and Activity First Aid courses being run on a regular basis. 


Adventure Training

The squadron has a very active adventure training programme with a wide variety of events being carried out throughout the year. Activities include ‘Day Walks’ around the local area, Archery, Climbing, Water-sports, High Ropes confidence courses and weekends away. These are supplemented by on unit training about equipment, safety, nutrition and much more. All activities aim to challenge and help cadets to step out of their comfort zone. 



Flight Simulator

152’s squadron building houses a state-of-the-art flight simulator that is used to supplement the flying opportunities available for cadets. The basic flying techniques and principals can be taught in a controlled environment that immerses the trainee in the experience. Such training is perfect for those cadets too young to fly as well as those wanting to get in some extra hours. 



Duke Of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is for young people aged between 14 and 24 and aims to help them achieve a wide range of skills and develop and meet personal goals. The Award scheme has three levels – Bronze, Silver & Gold, which are achieved by completing a programme of activities in four sections – Skills, Physical, Volunteering & Expedition, the Gold award also includes a fifth section, Residential.



152 Squadron has a developing engineering project where cadets can learn, develop and practice basic engineering and electronic skills. Cadets on the squadron are currently undertaking a project to build an airfield scale model that can then be used as a teaching aid within the unit. In participating in this project the cadets are learning design skills, woodwork skills, soldering and simple circuit wiring.


Radio Communications

Radio communication training is provided to all cadets at 152 Squadron at a basic level and a progressive training syllabus is available and actively taught to all cadets who show an interest in increasing their knowledge in this area. 152 squadron is lucky to have an instructor and assessor on the squadron staff enabling the necessary skills to be taught on site and giving cadets the chance to progress through the syllabus at a steady pace.


Drill And Parades

Cadets on the unit are taught basic and advanced foot-drill through the on-squadron training programme. They then have the option to compete with fellow cadets in drill competitions at a Wing level. Cadets are also strongly encouraged to stand proud with their unit and community by taking part in several formal parades throughout the year.