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How old do i need to be to join?

Any one who is 12 years old and in school year 8 may join - male or female, from all cultures, social backgrounds and religions. (Upper age limit of 17 & 9 Months)

How often do I need to attend?

The Squadron parades every Tuesday and Thursday night, form 19:15 Hrs - 21:30 Hrs. It is advised that you attend both nights per week in order to gain the maximum from your cadet experience. 

How much does it cost?

The Air Cadets is inexpensive and great value for money! Cadets pay a small contribution per parade night as subs - The first 8 weeks are free and thereafter we ask for just £3.00 a week. The money is used to pay cadet insurance and assist with squadron activities. (If cadets do not attend a night, the subs fee must still be paid)

Do I get a uniform?

We will provide you with your full RAF issue blue uniform. The only part we do ask you to purchase is your parade shoes, however these are relatively inexpensive. If cadets wish to take part in activities that require green combat clothing (DPM/PCS), such as shooting and fieldcraft, then they will also need to privately purchase this. Most items can be found in surplus stores, or online for a relatively low cost. More information on this matter can be given if needed.

How long is basic training?

Basic training takes place over the first 16 weeks of you joining. You will be taught everything you need to know in order to become a full member of the squadron. The 16 week period will culminate in a formal enrollment ceremony in which family and friends can attend. 

Is there any financial support available?

If you are unable to pay the required subs fee or camo levy, then do not be afraid, as this does not stop you or your child from attending! Please see the squadron staff on a parade night for more information on the matter.

Will I require a short haircut?

Male Cadets will require a short and neat hairstyle that does not touch the shirt collar or pass the centre of the ears. Girls will be required to wear their hair neatly in a bun.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our details can be found on the Contact Us page. Please be aware that the squadron is run by volunteers, and although we endeavour to answer all queries within 24-48 hours, this is not always possible.

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