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The theory of flight has fascinated many for years… with the Air Cadets you can satisfy that fascination easily!

Our Cadets have many opportunities to get flying, whether that be in our own fleet of Grob Tutor fixed wing aircraft or gliders. The chance to fly in a current RAF aircraft also exists, helicopters, transport fleet or even fast jets!


The RAFAC has its own private fleet of Grob Tutor propellor aircraft, used to deliver Air Experience Flights (AEF) to all Cadets within the Corps. As a Cadet you will get the opportunity to progress through the flying syllabus, becoming more and more confident at the controls.


The Viking Glider is the RAFAC’s own Glider, used to provide Glider Induction Certificates (GIC). Cadets can progress through the GIC’s and if able, be rewarded with a gliding scholarship.


As part of the Cadet Classifications system, Cadets will be taught all things flight throughout their time with us, from principles of flight and air navigation, to meteorology and radio communications.


As a Squadron, we have our own fully working Flight Simulator. The simulator is used to put the theory training into practice and provide Cadets with the confidence to excel once they get at the controls of a real aircraft.