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Sports help people bond. Having a combined goal to achieve as a team always assists in both team and friendship building.

With a wide range of sports available to Cadets, we’re sure you’ll find one to get your teeth stuck into!


Our annual athletics competition pits all the Squadrons in the area against each other over a series of individual events. Gain a medal in an event and you’ll earn yourself a position in the Wing team, progressing on to represent the RAFAC against the both the Army and Sea Cadets.


Front crawl, breast stroke, back stroke or butterfly? How about all of them. Our annual swimming competition allows Cadets to try all the strokes against their compatriots, excel and you’ll go forward for further competitions.


Working as a team is a vital part of any military organisation. Team sports assist with this massively! Our Wing has its own football, rugby, hockey and netball teams all taught by qualified coaches.


Our Squadron regularly holds sports activity nights. From general sports nights such as football and rounders to more specific fitness events including circuit training.