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Not only does the RAFAC provide the ability to get flying, it also provides the ability to learn many new skills and talents. Many of them will give you that edge when it comes to your future.

The RAFAC provides such a large range of activities and opportunities that its impossible to list them all…. but we’ve tried below!


First Aid is a vital life skills. A skill that will be provided to all Cadets. Our Squadron is lucky enough to have first aid instructors within our Staff Team including a qualified NHS Paramedic. Cadets will be taught Basic Life Support skills in the Heartstart package and can progress on to fully fledged Youth First Aiders.


Come in rubber ducky… Not quite right it is?! As a member of the Squadron, Cadets will be taught all about military radio communications, voice procedure and callsigns. We are lucky enough that our Commanding Officer is also the Wing Radio Officer.


Road marching is an ever increasing popular activity within the RAFAC. Marching as a formed squad across long distances may not sound very fun, but the sense of team spirit and camaraderie built during are second to none!


Music is a large part of military tradition and the RAFAC is no different. The Squadron has its own Corps of Drums that all Cadets no matter what experience level can join. The Corps also host annual, marching, concert and choir band camps.


Even the quietest Cadet will be pushed to take the lead at some point, often surprising themselves in their ability. Cadets will be mentored about the qualities of a good leader and how to but this into application in both theoretical and practical situations.


Science, engineering, technology and mathematics is huge with young people today. The RAFAC has noticed this and now provides a wide range of STEM activities, cyber courses, engineering visits and much much more are available.