How old do I need to be to join?

To join the RAFAC you must be be aged 12 AND in Year 8 at school. You can join up until your 17th birthday.

How much does it cost?

The RAFAC is great value for money! During your first 16 weeks of Junior Cadet training you will be charged a subscription fee of just £1.50 a week. Once fully enrolled this will become £3 a week. Additional costs for some events such as camps are not included within your subscriptions cost, but funding can be sought from the Squadrons Civilian Committee.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes. The Air Cadets uniform copies that of the Royal Air Force. The uniform is given to you free of charge as part of your subscription fee, all we do ask is that you buy your own pair of parade shoes.

Do I have to cut my hair?

The RAFAC regulations state that male hair should well cut and trimmed. Sideburns are to be short and well trimmed and are not to extend below a line running through the mid point of the ear.

For females the hair should be short enough to not touch the collar when worn down, otherwise it should be warn in a neat bun.

If the hair is dyed or highlighted, the colour chosen is to be natural.

Do I have to attend every night?

To get the most out of your Cadet career, we strongly encourage you to attend both parades nights a week. We do understand that other commitments such a school and sport can prohibit this. A minimum of one night a week is advisable. However you will still be charged for nights that you do not attend.

When do you parade and how long does each session last?

152 (City of Hull) Squadron parades on both a Tuesday and Thursday night every week. Our parade nights start at 19:15 and end at 21:30.

Can I meet new friends?

Of course! The Air Cadets is a fantastic place to meet new friends, who are all sharing a similar interest. Many people you meet at the Squadron will continue to be friends for life.

What about people with disabilities, can they join too?

The RAFAC is all about inclusivity, no matter your gender, religion or disability, there is a place for you all. Just make the Staff Team aware of your disabilities when joining and we'll do our very best to tailor our training around them.